From Talca to Santiago, Chile

Authors’ note in 2018: from 2011-2013, I maintained a blog called “Postcards from Amanda” about my extensive travels in Chile and Argentina. Although I have since taken that blog offline with the hopes of one day publishing a book on my travels from that time period, I have decided to archive a few of my favorite posts from that era online here as articles that will make them, once again, publicly available. I am now providing them here, post-dated according to the original date I first published them online.

In early December, I returned on a bus from Talca, Chile in the agricultural heartland of the country, to Santiago, where I caught my plane to Antofagasta. The three hour bus ride was perhaps one of the most memorable parts of my trip to the central valley of Chile. For a while, I have been convinced that the colours in the southern hemisphere are infinitely more vibrant than in the north, and this bus ride was no exception to my suspicion.

Almost-dry rivers, early summer farms and vineyards, the low coastal mountains and the breathtaking Andes, horses grazing in fields, lumberyards, and then the outskirts of Santiago: these photos, presented in order of the journey from Talca north to Santiago, hopefully capture a little taste of what I saw on my trip.






December: near Santiago


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