My friends call me a wordsmith, and as such I can typically write thousands of words in one sitting. So, I will do my best to keep this brief! Since 2000, I have been working professionally as both a writer and editor. I have worked as a freelance journalist, travel blogger, and business writer for marketing, sales, websites, product blogs, social media, and even scripted videos and podcasts. I don’t discriminate when it comes to what I will write: if a customer comes to me requesting support, a story presents itself to me, inspiration strikes, or when a friend needs some ideas on how to better communicate their message to customers, I am happy to help.

Although I can work for hours at a time writing for clients, I still make time almost daily to write for fun. I have dabbled in writing and editing short stories, novels, blog posts and much more for the better part of my life. In fact, I am currently finishing up a nonfiction how-to guide on podcasting, as well as in the middle of working on a lighthearted, quirky romantic comedy novel.

When I do eventually give my eyes a break from words, I enjoy painting and drawing, planning my world travels and even running a small YouTube channel with thousands of monthly views about travel, creativity and podcasting.

If you are curious about my professional work experience or wish to reach out to me to inquire about my services, please feel free to look at my writing and editing pages for more information, or simply drop me a line. You can also find the links to my social media accounts and YouTube channel linked in the upper corner of this site.