I love proofreading, editing, wordsmithing, revising, and overall perfecting written content. I have been offering professional proofreading and editing services for over thirteen years.

I specialize in editing books and academic articles, many of which have been published in some of the most prestigious journals in their fields.

With a background in marketing and sales, I also provide writing and editing services for business communications.

Please feel free to reach out to me if you are looking for someone to:

  • Proofread an article, book, proposal, sales or marketing material
  • Provide comprehensive edits on a document to improve tone, clarity and overall legibility and quality.

Why me? I am originally from the United States and, starting in high school, studied advanced English grammar, etymology, composition and writing under the direction of teachers and mentors in the United States and Canada. My teachers and mentors were experts in their field, with Master’s and PhD degrees in writing, English, and linguistics. I graduated from McGill University with a Bachelor of Arts, double major in political science and art history, both programs that held rigorous standards for essay writing and composition. In 2014, I completed my Master of Adult Education and Community Development. I fulfilled the requirements of my graduate degree by writing a thesis on the topic of adult education in political activism.

I also have a TESOL certificate and 5 years of experience teaching business English and grammar to professionals.

I use my extensive educational background and expertise of the English language to ensure the quality, legibility, and grammatical accuracy of documents that are entrusted to me. I provide clear, accurate, high quality deliverables that are characterized by natural, native use of the English language.

I have also completed advanced studies of the French, Spanish and Italian languages. Although I do not currently offer translation services (even though I have some experience translating documents from French and Spanish into English), my multidimensional understanding of languages is often useful for my customers who, in the process of editing, need me to do light translations and revisions of words and phrases from their native language into English.