Content strategy

As a writer who was often tasked with improving tone and voice, enhancing marketing outcomes and improving web SEO, I’ve learned to take on a strategic role within most professional roles I have played. When developing content, I always return to focusing on the key readers and consumers of the content I am writing. I enjoy digging deep into what core audiences want to know and finding a way to write it in an engaging and clear way.

The world is constantly changing – change has seemingly accelerated in the past few years since 2020 – and tastes evolve rapidly. I enjoy keeping a pulse on how people are sharing information, and why, and incorporate and update my approach to content constantly. I am willing to take risks, excited to learn new things and soak in new ideas, and I don’t always have to do things the same way they were done before.

My experience in content strategy and development includes:

  • Developing clear and compelling content for proposals according to company strategy and proposal-specific win themes (writing on topics as diverse as company profiles/history, product descriptions, mission and vision, value statements, diversity statements, policies and in-depth product strategy and project approaches, personnel bios and CVs, and more)
  • Developing and maintaining a content library for RFP teams (using SharePoint and Google Drive to catalog, store, edit and maintain dozens of content pieces, regularly updating and editing all content)
  • Writing clear, concise and informative product descriptions for websites using keywords and descriptions to enhance and improve SEO
  • Writing blog posts that have garnered hundreds of thousands of views and have helped augment SEO and driven engagement and leads
  • Scripting YouTube videos that have gained tens of thousands of views
  • Producing, hosting and writing a podcast that broadcasted 150 episodes over 5 years and attained over 500,000 downloads, building community and fostering conversation around the show
  • Creating compelling social media posts and media that encourage engagement, clicks and help build SEO (Facebook, Facebook live, Instagram, Instagram live, Pinterest, Tik Tok, and YouTube videos and shorts)