Spending years taking on multiple projects at a time and working in fast-paced roles on strict deadlines has made me acutely aware of the importance of perfecting my time management and product management skills. After years of high-pressure work as a proposal manager, I became a lead on the team in that 800+ employee business, playing a key role in writing and managing proposals for Fortune 100 clients. I later took on a leadership position to help build a proposal team and improve processes at a rapidly growing tech company. These experiences enabled me to truly appreciate the ability to effectively organize work, use data to support my choices and convey the value of my team’s work, deliver clear and considerate feedback, create processes that improve outcomes and enable deadlines to be met, and most importantly, how to effectively communicate needs and advocate for the success of myself and my team.

I am known as a process-oriented individual, constantly looking for opportunities to save time and conserve effort for what’s really important, while ensuring consistent, high-quality and impactful deliverables.

I am deeply people-centered and holistic in my leadership approach. My approach to leadership has been informed by my own personal self-awareness and commitment to lifelong learning, along with my graduate studies and commitment to holistic health practices. I believe that only in an environment where everyone feels they have the time, materials, resources and support they need to be successful can creativity and quality work truly flourish. I also believe that health (including mental health) is our most important resource as people in today’s fast-paced, high-pressure world, which is why I work hard to support a comfortable work-life balance, helping to establish healthy boundaries and fostering comfortable, collaborative team environments.