Writing with the clarity and human-centeredness of a strategist… and the heart of a storyteller 

From compelling product descriptions to educational blog posts, eye-catching social media posts that inspire action to detailed sales proposals that justify important decisions, I write engaging, informative material for diverse audiences in a constantly evolving world.

I have nearly 2 years of professional experience as a writer and am passionate about helping my customers find their unique voice and reach their target audiences in fresh ways.

For nearly two decades, I have been working as both a writer and editor. I got my start in journalism, writing well-researched news articles and op-ed pieces about the local community in Michigan where I grew up for a newspaper with a circulation of 40,000 at the time. I loved telling stories about the impactful and unique people and places in my community, but after moving to Canada over 15 years ago, I began to specialize in marketing communications, content strategy and proposals. Since then, I’ve taken my love of community and human-centric storytelling and focused it on writing engaging and compelling content for industries as diverse as theater and office seating, language services, financial services and web development. I have experience researching and developing a wide variety of content, but have the most experience with writing:

  • Website content (“About Us,” product descriptions, case studies, white papers)
  • Blog posts for B2B marketing, education and personal development, and travel
  • Proposal (RFP) content
  • Scripting and producing podcasts and YouTube videos